POSITIVE NUTRITION Nutritional Therapy in Windsor and Berkshire

Booking an appointment

If you are interested in improving your health with your diet, contact me and we can discuss if nutritional therapy is appropriate for you.

If you decide to proceed with nutritional therapy we will book an initial consultation and I will send out health questionnaire and food diary.

Complete the questionnaire and food diary and return to me, ideally 1 week before the consultation, giving me time to research your case before we meet. If you have any relevant test results from your GP or consultation please send in copies of these as well.

At the first consultation we will go through your questionnaire and food diary and I will take a detailed history of your health and lifestyle. I will then explain how your diet and lifestyle may be impacting your health, causing your symptoms and we will then jointly devise a diet and lifestyle improvement plan which you can work to over the following month. I will give you another food diary which you should complete before returning for your follow up so that we can see how you have incorporated the changes in to your diet.

We have a follow-up, usually after a month we monitor your progress, look at test results if appropriate and decide on any further course of action. Further follow-ups can be arranged if required.

In order to gauge improvement in symptoms and health over the course of the treatment I usually monitor progress. This can be done by way of scoring how bad symptoms affect your life and then re-scoring at the next visit, or other monitoring devices may be used such as weighing, measuring photos etc, with the client’s permission.

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